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Power Motor Repair Services

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No matter you need one-stop shop repair services, preventative maintenance or a service visit from an engineer, Nirala Total Power Solution does it all.

Our all-inclusive analyses and tests for power motors helps your business avert issues and downtime. If a motor system is already in need of repair, our team will approach you or fully service the rebuild in our own facility.

Preventative And Predictive Maintenance Services

Avert downtime and repair or replacement costs by investing in preventative maintenance before it’s too late. Preventative and predictive services we offer encompass:

  • Vibrant Balancing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Oil Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis

Field Services

Let us approach you for repairs. Our highly experienced technicians and professionals can perform power motor repair-encompassing service support for the elevator industry- and also remanufacturing and preventative maintenance.

Our comprehensive range of preventative and motor repair services have been tried and tested as well as performed on diverse motors and systems over a decade.

We serve a host of industries, including elevator systems, energy and power, automotive, industrial, manufacturing, wastewater management and much more. We complete all this successfully with our multiple certifications that enable us to deliver quality services. We also rebuild old running LT Motors. It is basically a re-build of old motor by re-insulating the core stampings and re-designing the windings through reverse engineering, so as to re-gain and boost the efficiency of motor by 3-15% and thereby reduce operating cost. On the other hand, we re-build HT motors by controlled coil removal and slot cleaning. Redesigning the coil insulation with advance insulation material and re-designing the intelligent insulation schemes in order to attain extended quality life of motor.

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